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Sometimes funny and sometimes serious, Eddie will take the audience on a journey with him as he talks openly and candidly about what the impact of racism and discrimination had on his life, career and family.

Eddie’s story aims to inspire people - to reflect and challenge the way they think, see and feel about racism, whilst sharing his wonderful insights into leadership and team success.


"Heartbreaking and inspiring - Eddie’s presentation without a

doubt was the best training we have ever had at Origin Energy"


“The kindness and spirit Eddie brings to anything he is involved with is truely admirable. I have learned so much from him and the way he conducts himself. A true credit to his family and his culture.”

“Thank you for your appearance at our Coles Showcase, I don’t think anyone left that space without a tear in their eye, and wisdom they can pass on to their store teams”

“Eddie’s insights into economic and racial inequality in Australia are so valuable and important. The way Eddie has handled himself throughout the ups and downs of his career is inspiring. I’m so glad he’s found his voice. It’s one we should all listen to.”

"Informative, honest, education and confronting. We need more of these types of presentations to highlight the importance of athlete well-being and engagement"

"Amazing presentation and incredible storytelling. Great mix of educational and inspirational material, loved it"

"Eddie was great at our CitiPower/Powercore Apprentice Awards! He is an outstanding individual and was very open with his stories, which led to a lot of interesting discussions all evening"

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